Over the years, we have grown from being a provider of mechanical and scaffolding services into a well diversified entity where in 2013, HRSB was awarded a 10 year long term Turnaround contract by Petronas Chemical Group Berhad (PCGB). In line with that we have established the following subsidiaries :


HRSB Plant Services Sdn Bhd

HRSB Plant Services provides a dynamic range of expert plant management services to client mainly in Refining, Petrochemical and Gas Processing sector. With more than 10 years of experience, always working closely with our clients to improve reliability, productivity, planning, and work processes with the highest safety standards incorporated into all work functions.


HRSB Hydropower Sdn Bhd

HRSB Hydropower are capable to provide high quality and timely cleaning services that meet the industries requirement with our industrial high-pressure water blasting equipment ranged from 5,000 (psi) to 40,000 (psi).

HRSB Hydropower also widen their business opportunity by provide equipment renting.


HRSB Training Sdn Bhd

HRSB Training apply consultative approaches to help transforming your learning and training challenges in business positively. HRSB Training also Provide training and consultation for competency programs mainly scaffolding, oil & gas program and safety management program. HRSB Training tailors its training solutions to address your business challenges by delivering more than just training.


HRSB Power Control Sdn Bhd

HRSB Power Control is an electrical and instrumental company specializing in industrial electrical, instrumentation, power, and control systems. HRSB Power Control has installed systems in oil and gas, manufacturing, material handling, and commercial electrical construction.